Our $850k stretch goal is to add 'Unsupported Language Support.' I'm going to do whatever it takes (including taking on investors, if needed), to make that happen.

As such, the new app will support learning all languages. 

It'll work like this: we're going to make a way for all language learners to create sentences, translate word lists or make pronunciation training flashcards with tutors, and share them with each other. That way you don't have the full burden of translating the lists. 

Our current plan, is that at first, we'll let people use that portion of the app on their own (with a tutor) without sharing, see how that goes, and then once people have 2-4 months worth of content, we can contact the more active members and ask them if we can share their content in exchange for free subscription credits. That's how we're hoping to keep quality up (since people aren't likely to use our app for multiple months just to learn garbage) without having to have native speakers on staff to quality check everything.

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