In December, we drastically simplified our subscriptions.

The Two Account Types

The new pricing structure has two types of accounts:

  • Single Language: Learn whatever language you want. If, after some months, you've reached your fluency goals in that language, then you can switch to a new language and start learning THAT. You can do this language switching thingy every 5 months. 
  • Multiple Language: Learn whatever languages you want. Switch all you like. Up to two users can use this type of account, and you can add additional users for $5/user/month (Kickstarter backers: $3.35/user/month, Indiegogo: $4.18/user/month)

If you have a Single Language account, and you switched to a new language, then we're presuming that you're basically done with that first language, except for maintenance. You can continue to review your old flashcards, but if you want to actively add new vocab/sentences/grammar to an old language, then the Multiple Language account is what you're after.

Before December, we had super complicated Full/Lite subscription models. Based on feedback from the backer community, our developers and advisors, we decided to do away with all of them and simplify everything.

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