Any time the word 'fluent' is thrown around, it's important to mention that the term 'fluency' is super problematic, since it's terribly defined. I much prefer using the CEFR model for language levels to discuss learning languages whenever folks want to get into a real discussion about language fluency. So I'll use that model for the rest of this FAQ entry.

I think it's important to note that we're not simply building a smartphone app; we're launching a learning platform. The app is one part of that platform. Beyond the pre-fabbed stuff that shows up in the first two sections of the app, the platform will facilitate interactions between tutors and students and allow them to create new material for themselves and share that material with other students. It will grow over time to include an effectively limitless amount of content for students to learn. Half of the smartphone app involves pre-fabbed materials - the pronunciation trainers and the 1875 sentence lists, through which I think students should be able to pretty easily reach a B1 level in their target languages in a short amount of time. 

Practically speaking, with only the pre-fabbed stuff in the app, I believe we're getting people to a point where they can interact with and hold conversations with native speakers, watch TV and read books. They won't be comfortable at first, but they'll have successful interactions, and users will be thinking entirely in their target languages during those interactions. That's going to put people miles beyond what they've experienced in the past from high school/college language courses, and I don't think it'd be unreasonable for folks to start throwing around the 'fluency' word at that point, since for some people, what they're looking for is the ability to decently get through a conversation, to think in a new language, and to be able to watch TV/movies. Personally, I'd call that B1. But again, that's just the first half of the app. The other half of the app is about expanding beyond that, by browsing through student generated content and by interacting with tutors in a way that we're going to facilitate on our platform. 

Those interactions are a key part of the app and platform we're developing, and will allow people to improve their languages up to any level they wish in a tremendously time efficient manner. 

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