Here’s my tentative plan:
Beta tests will be locked to one language at a time.  We’ll have everyone choose their languages a couple months after the Kickstarter ends. The Spanish beta might start in, say, April, Japanese might start in, say, August. 

If you just bought access to one language, then your official subscription starts when that beta ends, 2-4 months later. At that point, you’re in the full version of the app and can move around to trying out whatever other finalized languages are available. You can also decide to pause your subscription and wait for more languages to come out, if you’d like.

If you bought a pledge level with Multiple Language access, then you'll get access to all beta tests for all languages. If you were studying Spanish and Japanese, then you can use both betas, and decide whether to start your paid subscription right when the final version of Spanish comes out, or you can put your Spanish card creation on hold for a bit while you wait for Japanese. You’ll still be able to review your Spanish flashcards from the beta test period.

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