So we’re planning on adding an Anki import function as one of our stretch goals. If we make that goal, then you can just keep reviewing your old flashcards in our app. 

But...if we don’t make it, then there are some other options. For instance, I just re-started Japanese after an eight month lapse and just suspended ALL of my cards and started over, as if I was an intermediate speaker who just discovered Fluent Forever. As it turns out, it’s not hurting my learning speed in any substantial way (and is a bit more comfortable than trying to review thousands of lapsed cards that I can’t remember). Pedagogically, it’s not a huge deal breaker to simply abandon your old Anki decks when transitioning over to the new app, though I totally understand why people would want to retain them. 

If it turns out we don’t include an Anki import feature in the first version, I’ll write up a blog post about how best to proceed.

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