I received a question about why I have you creating sentences for each of the 625 words in Mandarin.  Why do I recommend sentences at the start for Japanese and Chinese?  

 I wrote a blog post about incorporating grammar early: https://fluent-forever.com/hacking-fluent-forever/ ; it talks about the thought process involved and explains what led to the current recommendations on Mandarin. Basically you're merging the 625 word step with the grammar step, and you're definitely learning way more words than just 625. After you finish with the 625 then the only thing left in terms of grammar is that you'll want to fill in holes.  Just creating sentences will give you MOST of the grammar you need, but if you browse through a grammar book after that point, you'll find little chunks of grammar that are missing from your Chinese. You'll want to pick those up then.

I'd suggest taking it very slow at first, just a few sentences at a time, then ramping up speed as you get used to everything Chinese, especially using that monster of an Anki card model.  It has a very steep learning curve, but as you get comfortable with it, you should find that you can continue learning at a more rapid pace without forgetting earlier words.


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