Now that you have installed Anki and the pronunciation trainer, the next step is to head over to the pronunciation trainer resources page. The link to this page is provided in the ReadMe file of the pronunciation trainer download. 

Watching the essential videos

Before you start using Anki, we recommend to watch the essential videos on the pronunciation trainer resources page. These videos will teach you the pronunciation rules of the language you are learning and give you the foundation to begin studying. 

There are also other useful resources and information that can be found on this page for example, "How to use Anki" and "Other Language Learning Resources". Keeping this page bookmarked as a point of reference during your language learning journey can be helpful.

I’ve finished watching the essential videos, what now?

After you have watched the essential videos, you can start using Anki. Simply open Anki and you’ll see the pronunciation trainer that you have already installed. 

To begin studying, click on the main deck.

Then click “study now”. 

Alternatively, you can click on each sub-deck and study them separately.

Remember, the pronunciation trainer is the first step in becoming fluent in a foreign language. You can read more about the Fluent Forever method in the book.

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