For abstract phrases like “in terms of,” you want an example sentence, and ideally, a definition as well.

“Getting laid off from his job affected him more emotionally than __ the loss of income” –– regarding something, concerning something.

The additional tools you have for making it more likely to come up with the ‘right’ word here are to:

A) Make the example personal [i.e., come up with an example yourself and get it corrected by a native speaker]. The more interaction you have with the sentence you’re using, the more likely you’re going to remember it in the way you want.

B) Make sure you’re using two flashcards at least for the word/phrase (you want a comprehension flashcard (with ONLY the word on the front side and an example/definition on the back)

C) Expand your definition a bit if you’re getting it confused with another word, or put in bold the chunks of the definition that distinguish it from the other word. 

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