Why do I see the message "Fluent wants to use auth0.com to Sign in" when I log in to the app?

If you are reading this article, you have probably run into the following message when trying to sign in to the app:

You may be wondering, what is auth0.com? What kind of information is being shared with us once you decide to start using the Fluent Forever app?

Worry not, here you will find the answers to your questions. 

Auth0 is an authentication and authorization platform. It provides a set of tools and services that enables developers to easily add authentication and authorization flows to their applications. Auth0 supports a wide range of technologies and platforms, and can be used to secure both web and mobile applications.

Put in simpler terms, every time our users sign in to the app, Auth0 helps us verify their identity and avoid any security risks for you and for us as well.

Nowadays, we all care about the information we share online. By using Auth0, you will only be sharing your email address and your name (which is the essential information you need to create a Fluent Forever account). 

However, if you need more than this brief explanation, you can always check our Privacy Policy. There, you will find all the specifics about the information that will be shared with us when you decide to use our services.

If, even after reading everything, you still have more questions about this, you can reach out to our Customer Happiness team.

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