While Fluent Forever provides personal support directly to our customers
in the most timely manner possible, it can take up to 48 hours for us
respond.  Therefore, we've created this reference guide to help you find
the answers to some of the most common problems new Anki users

Unless you are super tech savvy, learning how to use Anki can be a bit
of a struggle.  One of the most helpful things for those who are just
getting started is simply knowing where to look for answers.

Anki Support Site

  Although the Fluent Forever team strives to provide personalized
  support for its Anki based products, Anki has it's own support site
  which is a rich source of information regarding many of the problems
  users have encountered over the years.  The creator of Anki himself
  answers questions here quite frequently.  Therefore, one of the first
  places we look when we run into problems is the official Anki Support
.  Almost any question you can think of has already been asked
  and answered at this site.  To use this resource simply follow [this
  link], and enter a search term, e.g. "missing sound files" in the box
  highlighted in red in the image below.

Anki User Manual

  Although Anki's user manual is detailed and comprehensive, it can be a
  bit daunting at first.  The following items will point you to the most
  important sections of the manual which are most relevant to Fluent
  Forever users.  Reading these sections will help make sure your
  experience implementing Fluent Forever with Anki is as seamless as
  possible.  Some of the information is a bit technical, so feel free to
  skip over the parts that seem too dense at first and come back to it
  later when you are ready.

The Basics

  This part of the manual gives a succinct overview of the fundamentals.
  This is a great place to start just to make sure you have a solid
  grasp of the basic concepts that Anki is built upon.  Reading this
  section is a good idea if you are going to be spending a considerable
  amount of time using Anki.


  Using Fluent Forever's Anki based products relies heavily upon Anki's
  import feature.  Read this section of the manual to familiarize
  yourself with the details of adding cards to Anki via the import


  This section is informative regarding the use of media (e.g., sound
  and images) in your Anki cards.  As you know, the Fluent Forever
  methodology requires lots of sound and images.  Reading this section
  will provide a deeper understanding of how sound and images are
  integrated into Anki's system.

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