What is the most effective way to learn Arabic?

There's a LOT of disagreement on the best route through Arabic. So far, based on what I've seen and read and heard, I'd do the following:

  • Start with our MSA pronunciation trainer
  • Then, if classical Arabic is important to you, then continue learning MSA. Go through the 625 list with a well educated tutor, who knows MSA, and create sentences for your words, as per this guide: https://fluent-forever.com/italki-tutor-guide/
  • Keep learning sentences. If you're doing Islamic studies, then you'll probably want to move onto example sentences directly from the Quran. Fortunately it'll get easier to find recordings of those sentences! :)
  • Once you're satisfied with your level of MSA, then I'd move to a dialect. If it was me, I'd do Egyptian, just because it's understandable in many regions and there's more media in that dialect. I'd get an Egyptian tutor and start the language over from the 625 list, as if it were a new language.
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