When will the fundraising campaign and the beta start?

The Kickstarter campaign ran between September 19th - October 19th, 2017. We raised more than $580,000 there, and we continued to fundraise over at Indiegogo so we could continue reaching our stretch goals. In October we closed our campaign down and are now fully focused on our retail model. 

Mid June we have released a demo, which was a very small portion of our app to show our backers what it would look and feel like. Later in August we released our first (unofficial) beta with LA Spanish. It was a bit more interesting than the demo but was still very limited. Then in November we released our official beta, which now has 7 languages, of which three are out in full (LA Spanish, Euro Spanish and French). 

This is the information as it stands on 12-31-2018. If you want to know where we currently stand, have a look here: progress.fluent-forever.com

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