In the Official Beta

Unlike the previous demo and (for lack of a better name) pre-beta, our official beta can now help even advanced learners improve their language skills.

When you add a language and indicate that you’re an advanced learner, our app will show you a frequency list of the most important words in your target language. At first, many of these words will likely be familiar to you, so you’ll need to spend some time swiping on words and marking them as ‘known’, so that the app can better learn your existing vocabulary. Once you start seeing words you _don’t_ know, that’s when we recommend diving in and learning them in the context of sentences.

Over time, as you continue marking words as known, the app will be able to better guess what words you should learn next that you haven’t yet been exposed to.

As languages are added to the Official Beta, they begin with 150 sentences, and we base our wordlists on the contents of those sentences. Shortly thereafter, we continue to add sentences until we’ve reached 1875 sentences and the language is completed. At that point, our frequency lists are much more representative of the actual language in use.

In the final release

Many of our languages will reach 1875 sentences during the official beta. The big shift with our final release is that we will eventually allow users to add their _own_ sentences and share their sentences with the other users of our platform. That will allow our languages to grow far beyond the contents of the original 1875 sentences, and thus our frequency lists will become more and more accurate over time.

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