For the installation of our Official Beta we will need to use a beta tool called HockeyApp because we are not quite ready to launch in the app stores yet. Since HockeyApp is not the usual way you’re used to downloading an app onto your smartphone, we have made these easy-to-follow guides to make things easier for you. Please follow along below with the appropriate guide for your smartphone. First is for the iPhone and scroll a bit down for Android. 

Important Info About Installing

1. If you aren’t already on version 85 (v85) of the app, it is important that you completely uninstall the old version first and then install the new version of the app.

2. If you are on version 85 (v85), you should be good to upgrade to version 86 (v86) without uninstalling. Just get the newest version and keep going. 


TIP: If you are on an iPhone and receiving an error involving Mokriya L.L.C being an untrusted developer, please follow the instructions on this page:


To access the Official Beta on an iPhone:

1. Follow this link on your smartphone:

2. Click install.

3. Click install on the new window that pops up. It should look like:

4. Now just return to your home screen, where you will see
the FluentForever beta app. Hooray!           



To access the official Beta on Android:


1. If you are on Android 8 or higher skip this step and go to step 2. For Android versions 6 and Android versions 7, you will need to allow apps to be installed from Unknown Sources other than the Play Store (some versions can do this under Settings -> Privacy -> Unknown sources-> allow, although this varies on device/version).

2. Follow this link on your smartphone:

3. Click download.

4. At the bottom of your screen, select open.

5. At the bottom of your screen (again!), select install.

6. Ta-da! The app will show up in your list of apps, with an icon like this:

If you have gone through the entire manual (including the "untrusted developer" part) but you are still unable to install the beta, contact us at

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