The review sessions in the Fluent Forever app are made up of a maximum of 25 cards - a mix of both old and new cards you have created. However, when you are first starting a language in the app everything is new, so you’ll only see up to 10 cards at first. But, over time as you create more cards, your review sessions will include more cards.

But I want to study more!!


No problem! You can complete as many sessions as you would like each day. In fact, the app will guide you through the recommended amount of cards to create and review sessions to complete on the Home Screen. Here's some more info about that:

What are the tasks on the Home Screen?

Keep in mind that each subsequent review session that you complete will have fewer flashcards than the previous one because the app will only show you the flashcards that are due in that review session, as those are the ones that are going to improve your language skill the most. For more information about this, please check out the following article:

Why do my review sessions consist of 25 cards or less?

What if I don’t like the way the app schedules reviews?

We are tweaking our scheduling algorithm over time, based on our users' needs and their behavior. If you’d like to give us your feedback on where we’re at right now and where you’d like to see things go, that’s actually super helpful for us.

You can let us know your thoughts here in our official feedback form

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