How can I achieve my daily goal of creating/learning "x" amount of cards?

 If you're using the latest version of the app, then you've probably already encountered our new "Daily Goals" feature. These goals are starting out as actions that we recommend the user perform based on the information we have about that user's current level of learning. In the future users will be able to customize these goals, but that won't be for a while.

You came here wondering how you could accomplish a few of these aforementioned goals.

Many of the goals you will see when starting out will consist of having users complete a certain amount of cards for Grammar, some for Basic Vocab, or both in some instances. These goals will have a counter below it to show the user’s progress with that particular goal.


The counter takes into account the number of cards created, not necessarily every word or sentence, so don't worry. To expound on that, and to jog your brain with some simple math, learning a simple word creates two flashcards towards your "count" or goal. Creating/learning a grammar word creates at least three flashcards toward your count or the goal.

The little bubble on the side will show you approximately how long this specific goal will take you to complete so that you can plan ahead. 

So basically, you may reach or exceed your goals sooner than you realize just by going through your daily routine.

Here are a few examples of sample goals, and what it would take to accomplish them with current card values:

  • A daily goal of “Create 4 Basic Vocab Flashcards” can be achieved by learning and creating flashcards for two simple words.  
  •  A daily goal of “Create 5 Basic Vocab or Grammar Flashcards” can be achieved by: 
  1. Learning/creating flashcards for one simple word and one grammar word
  2. Learning/creating three simple words
  3. Learning/creating two grammar words

Keep in mind that these goals are not the "standard" by any means, but they are something to strive toward for those who work better with a sort of plan or guide. Not meeting the goals will not trigger the app to throw you back to day one (unless of course, you're on day two), but the app continues to re-assess, and, if necessary, re-assign certain goals based on user progress. :)

When you have completed your daily goals (Today’s task) and your Streak goal (daily streak task), you will be presented with your bonus tasks. The bonus goals are, of course, completely optional and you may choose to do these or leave them. We recommend doing these goals only if you would like to progress towards fluency even faster:



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