What are the daily and bonus goals, and how do I make progress with them?


Before we jump into goal progress, let's do a brief overview on what the goals are, and what that means for you as an app user.


Daily Goals are the minimum recommended requirement for learning language and maintaining what you've learned already. This is a list of 1-3 daily tasks that can change depending on your in-app progress in the language, and are usually things like "Watch a pronunciation video" or "create five base vocab or grammar flashcards." A progress meter will fill up as you complete these tasks to show you how much you've finished so far that day.

Bonus Goals are extra tasks meant to be chipped away at after you have your daily ones completed, and they do not count toward your daily goals. These bonus goals are only affected after you have completed your daily goals, and are mostly there to provide guidance for those moments when you find yourself finished with the daily goals but still wanting to do more. 

Your goals reset at 3AM local time every day.

So how does progress work for the two types of goals? Let me explain by example.

Say you have 40 total pronunciation lessons left to complete for French.

On Monday, your daily goal might be "Complete 2 Pronunciation Lessons," which would make your bonus goal "Complete 38 Pronunciation Lessons." (2 daily goal lessons + 38 bonus goal lessons = 40 total remaining lessons.) If you complete 3 pronunciation lessons on Monday, then you will have fulfilled your daily goal (congratulations!), and you will have completed 1/40th of your bonus goals.

On Tuesday, there are now 37 total pronunciation lessons left to complete. Your daily goal might again be "Complete 2 Pronunciation Lessons," which would make your bonus goal for that day "Complete 35 Pronunciation Lessons." (2 daily goal lessons + 35 bonus goal lessons = 37 total lessons.) If you complete 4 lessons on this day, then there will only be 33 total pronunciation lessons left to complete. 

The bonus goals will always be what is cumulatively uncompleted after taking your daily goals into account. 


The goals are meant to be a tool to guide you when it comes to card creation and review, but they are not hard and fast rules; they are just recommendations. There is no penalty for failing to complete goals, so don't stress if you miss days or certain objectives — tomorrow is always a new opportunity!


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