We understand that sometimes things happen and you just want to start fresh. There's nothing wrong with doing the same in your language learning journey if you find yourself stuck, haven't used the app in a while, or just want a clean slate. 


"So, how do we do it?"


Let's take a look at the steps. It's super simple and takes only a few moments.

1. Launch the app and login.

2. From the bottom menu bar, select the "settings" icon:


3. Once in "settings", select the "Reset All Data"  option under Language Settings:


**Note: If you are a backer and your subscription has not been activated yet, this option will not be available in the Settings.

4.  On the reset page, you will need to select the checkmark indicating that understand this action is irreversible. Once you select it, the Reset button will activate.


5. Hold the "Reset All Data" button for 3 seconds. It will count down then bring you to a page where you can choose your level again.



 **If you release before the 3 seconds is up the action will not complete.


If you run into any trouble, please contact us at the helpdesk using help@fluent-forever.com or selecting "Contact Support" in your app settings.





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