What do the buttons in the review sessions mean?

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So now you're in the app and you're on your way but what are you supposed to do with all these review 'buttons'? Not a problem, they are all simple to use. 

The review flashcards contain all of the options needed for the cards. The options are under the ellipsis: Screen_Shot_2020-08-10_at_12.53.13_AM.png and on each card you will have: 

-On the front: 

  • Hide/Show Controls
  • Cancel

-On the back, the first ellipsis will have the Hide/Show Controls. The second ellipsis will have: 

  • Change Image - allows you to add different images to a card
  • Report Error - use this feature to report an error in the audio/translation/sentence on the card to our team.
  • Cancel - exit the menu

-At the bottom of the card: 

  • Incorrect/wrong/ - this indicates that you do not remember the word/sentence correctly.
  • Correct/right - this indicates you that you remembered the word/sentence correctly.

As an alternative to tapping 'X' for incorrect and '✔️' for correct, you can swipe left and right. Swipe right for 'correct' or right will look like this: 


Swipe left for 'incorrect' or 'wrong' will look like this: 


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