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So the images aren't quite what you expected, and you're wondering what now? 🤔

Well, you're in luck! There is a way to report images directly from the app and below is how you can do that. 

This feature is only for the Advanced Image Search and gives you a way to report an image if:
  • Images are not relevant to the word
  • An image is offensive
  • Too few images

When reporting an image you first must have the card open, by either creating a word card or reviewing one. 

  • Tap the 'Find more' spyglass. You will see a screen similar to the below: 



  • Tap the image you'd like to report, and then the ellipsis to 'Report an Image'. 




  • Choose an option as to why you are reporting 


  • Add any additional comments in the comment section you think is relevant to your report
  • Click 'Submit'


Friendly note: You may see these images again after reporting them, however by doing this, we'll receive your feedback and it will help us to keep improving our image search!














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