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Hi Gabriel, I take the early version of your french word list and I saw that in sheet has 2 tabs: Northern and Southern story order. What's the meaning of this? How can I use this 2 tabs? Thank you

* Originally posted by Maximiliano.

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  • North/South refer to the difference between the Northern and Southern hemisphere, specifically the months. You see, when it's January in the Northern Hemisphere, it is July in the Southern Hemisphere. One is 6 months away from another.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Sorry Gabriel,

    I don't understand yet how to use the super draft word list. :(

    Some questions:
    1. There is a collumn called "Story Number", this is for we create a history with that set of words?
    2. Or this is to create cards in that order?
    3. Can I skip words that a already know?
    4. What is the chapter in book related to this?

    Could you please give a fast explanation how to use the super drafts?

    Thank you very much

    * Originally posted by Maximiliano.
  • I think I can answer most of your questions.
    1. The column called "story number" just refers to illustrations that will be provided with the official word lists. For example, if you check out the word lists page (go to bottom right, click on site map, then search through the list on the side and click on "word lists"), you will see a group of pictures. One of them is a cat following three blind mice. That turns out to be story No. 27. If you check the spreadsheet at 27, you see a group of words: cat, to follow, 3, blind, mouse. These are also contained in the picture. The word lists in this format are the same as the 650 words given elsewhere on the site, but they are grouped so that you can associate them. If you look at the other groups, you will notice that the words tend to be used in that situation or "story". Three blind mice might not be an obvious association for non-English speakers; it is a very common nursery rhyme (song).
    2. You can create the cards in any order you want for anki. Anki will not group cards except the first time you use them. The reappearance only depends on how well you remember them. However, once you get the pictures you could use the picture plus some kind of marker (arrow or circle for example) for the anki card.
    3. Yes. Gabe says this somewhere.
    4. the basic word lists are given in appendices in the book. The "Awesome word list" is only found on the web site. See how to find it in answer #1.

    * Originally posted by James.
  • Wow James, thank you very much for the answer!

    No more questions about this! :D

    * Originally posted by Maximiliano.

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