Hello everyone, I recently started to read fluent forevers "how to learn any language". I started to read and really like how in depth the author goes into explaining how learning/memory and the best retention methods. I was watching the anki tutorials which is what my srs method will be. my questions are: Im learning Portuguese, I got the recommended book/cd 'The Everything Learning Brazilian Portuguese Book and also I got Essential Portuguese Grammar book. my questions are for ACTUALLY playing the learning game/making flashcards do I for starters, just add the 600 basic words that is provided by this website to flashcards? and then do the top 1000 words of my language to flash cards as well? the book contains ALOT of information so I get confused as to the "right" direction or "steps" to take regarding making my actually flashcards for learning Portuguese. I also have pimsleurs audio/book companion but have decided to put that to the side and try this! obrigado!

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  • You're on the right track, just remember to do pronunciation before you dig into the 600 words. As you've probably already figured out, Portuguese has very counterintuitive spelling from an English perspective (d's making "j" sounds and all that). It also has some vowel sounds that are different from English. Spend some time with the Portuguese phonology wiki page, listen to recordings, etc. Making your own pronunciation trainer would also be smart (click on Pronunciation/Ear Training under The Book on the site).

    My basic impression of the order as I remember it is this:
    1. Pronunciation
    2. 600 words
    3. Start making grammar cards
    3. Work towards the 2000-3000 most common words
    4. Somewhere in there read a book.
    5. Watch a T.V. show
    6. Write Essays.
    7. Talk to people
    8. Immersion

    The most important parts are doing pronunciation before you learn tons of words and having a reasonable vocab base before you start grammar.

    I've used the Pimsleur for Portuguese before years ago (although I never got too far). It's not bad as far as I remember, and I don't think it will hurt you at all if you supplement your pronunciation with it/listen to it when you're bored with other things.

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  • WOW!

    thank you soo much for the great reply!!

    sooo pimsleur can substitute for the time being for pronunciation?

    i will check that wiki page along with making the pronunciation trainer for sure.

    i understand theres no golden rule but how long after using either pimsleur, my pronunciation trainer/the wiki phonology page should then i begin to add and review the 600 wordS?

    ** side note, does anki have notifications on when i should study flashcards next like set dates or reminders?

    thanks again for everything the list was exactly what i needed as far as structure to collect my thoughts!

    * Originally posted by boadicea.
  • I can't speak for Pimsleur's Portuguese, but I can say that their Mandarin has been very useful to me as far as recognizing pronunciation. I started with some very basic videos I found on YouTube that showed how things were pronounced in isolation and then the Pimsleur stuff really helped for recognizing the individual sounds as part of sentences.

    I would say focus on being able to pronounce and hear the individual letters and sounds first and then use Pimsleur to help take it to the next level.

    * Originally posted by Hacksaw.
  • thank you for the reply, yes i started to do the everything book of portugese however i will look up son YT videos and look at pronunciation ect an do that like you both suggest!

    Obrigado or da! :))

    * Originally posted by boadicea.
  • this is the video i bookmarked to start learning my pronunciation.. i hope


    * Originally posted by boadicea.
  • i dont know why it posted half of my post but this is the video https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=7qssL9rcSZo

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  • i was wondering if i could still use rosetta stones portuguese course for pronunciation till the portuguese trainers get done?? i didnt have to pay for the course so its noo biggie either way..

    * Originally posted by boadicea.

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