Will There Be More Languages?

Hi, I see from the ETA's that it looks like Gabe will be done with the English to 'language' pronunciation trainers and word lists by this summer and was wondering if he has any plans on adding languages or will that be it? Thai, Korean, Swedish, Hindi, Polish and Czech would be great and I'm sure there are quite a few more that others may be interested in. Thanks CHris

* Originally posted by Chris.

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  • Hi Chris! Yeah, we'll be continuing, though we're going to be broadening out to other projects and adding languages at a less overwhelming (for me!) rate.

    (Also, Korean's already out! :)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Where's Norwegian? :)

    * Originally posted by Ed75.
  • Where's Dothraki? I'm guessing finding native speakers on that might be a bit.... difficult.

    * Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.
  • Can I vote for Swedish?

    * Originally posted by sf.
  • Can I vote for Estonian? Especially as, overall, it's kinda lacking on the resources front...

    * Originally posted by Sarah.
  • I vote Thai x1.5 million


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