Any Easy and automatic way to search and download images ??

Any Easy and automatic way to search and download images ?? Hi; Im looking for an easy way to search and download relevant image (for example first image of google image search) for each word in my vocabulary list. Im an english learner and I effectivly use some flashcard apps and I generate my own flashcards. But for flashcards with images its not easy to find an image for each word by one by. I have thousands of words (english vocabulary) in an excel colunm for example. I need a software (or a website, I dont know) where the software will take the eachword and will search the internet, and find a relevent image from internet and download it to a spesific location with a file name of the that word. the software or the website or the image search tool (I dont know) will do it for each word automatically. any?

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  • Automating it might not be the best option. Sometimes the first image to come up isn't necessarily the best. Plus the act of picking the image yourself is part of the learning process. Every step in card creation helps lock it into your memory better. The best shortcuts to the process is to find more efficient ways to create the cards without automating the parts that assist memory. Shortcut keys vs right clicking for example will save you a few seconds per card and thus a lot of time over the long run.

    * Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.
  • Hi turgutbekil,

    This isn't something we have as a large component of the Fluent Forever method is to find images that have a personal association/connection. The auto version you are suggesting, as LetsPlayThisBro mentioned, wouldn't allow you to select based on association.

    Best wishes,

    Heather Tucker
    Assistant to Gabriel Wyner

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Please see the post I made below. It contains a Jing screencast that explains a method I cobbled together to do image search.

    It is basically a URL in a text document with a paceholder for:

    [CODE] = Language Code
    [myWORD] = word you are serching for in the language you are learning

    The end result is you arrive at a google image result page with all images shown in the Basc Verson of Google Images. 

    It has the description shown in your own native language and when you hover it shows the text for the language you want to learn / are learning.




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