I recently lost a bunch of data and needed to redownload all the original zip files for the languages I bought. They all worked fine except for the English IPA and the Kickstarter Goodies, just giving a heads up and request that I get resent links for those that work. It's entirely possible the links died and nobody knows it. I bought the Kickstarter Goodies/IPA back in 2016, LA Spanish links with the same purchase were still good, but for some reason the IPA/Kickstarter weren't. Thanks in advance.

* Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.

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  • After a lot of searching I found those zipped files in a sub sub sub folder of a backup I had. :) In any case I don't need them from the site any more, but the links are still broken.

    * Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.
  • Hi LetsPlayThisBro,

    The links do expire after some time, but thanks for letting us know and glad you found everything! If you do find you are missing something, let us know (via email is probably best) and we can help you out.

    Good luck with the data recovery!

    Best wishes,

    Heather Tucker
    Assistant to Gabriel Wyner

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks, I've found everything I thought was missing, it's just in the most disorganized fashion compared to how I normally keep it. Almost 2 TB of files to reorganize, I'll be doing this for a month.


    * Originally posted by LetsPlayThisBro.

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