How do I access my word list and pronunciation trainer?

Hi Everyone, I'm Gabi, new to this. I just bought the Bundle fir Spanish, but it doesn't appear for download to my iPad anywhere, I have no idea how to access it. Can anybody help, please? Gabi

* Originally posted by Gabi.

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  • Hi Gabi,

    Thank you for your email. While our products do work on mobile devices, it's best to first download them to a computer and then sync that with your mobile device. Downloading directly to a mobile device doesn't always work as well.

    Some people have reported success with this method:

    Does that help? Please do not hesitate to let me know if you have any further questions.

    Best wishes,

    * Originally posted by Hillary Jackson.
  • Just bought the pronuncian trainer and word list for Korean. A bit bummed i have to wait a week to get home to a desktop to start.

    Still excited about getting started though.

    * Originally posted by Rock10Rats.

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