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Yes, I know that the best way to learn is probably to make those cards myself. However, between work and family, I really only have time to make about 2-3 cards a day. Has anyone ever tried paying for someone (e.g. a teacher on iTalki) to create cards for you? For instance, you could pass the teacher a word list, together with snippets of the original context the word was found in, and the teacher would create an Anki-importable deck with notes complete with pronunciation, suitable images, and the most suitable dictionary definition.

* Originally posted by joshuatants.

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  • While the recommendation to make the cards ourselves is a valid one, under certain circumstances I can see where it would be a challenge. For that reason I’ve been assisting my husband. He struggles with all language and is dyslexic. But he’s such an incredibly hard worker I knew it would be possible, if he wasn’t stopped by such small mechanical errors and frustrations.

    I make cards for him. However, I absolutely have to make them with him. What I see as an obvious picture for a word is absolutely not even on his radar. I’m always so interested and surprised by his decisions on pictures when I give him options!

    So yes, I bet you could find someone, but I would definitely consider constantly reviewing all the cards and making the necessary changes to really see YOUR vision for what each word means.

    Good luck!


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