Hi guys. My name is Hugo, i am 19 years old and i am from Brazil. I've started studying german recently and i want to speak the language since the beginning.. Well, i can't go to Germany now so the only way to speak german is over the internet. I want also to improve my English, mainly my speaking skills, but i want to master grammar too. My English's level is intermediate and i have never had a real speaking conversation in the language. I was thinking about doing smalls sessions of 20-40 minutes, only a few people so everyone can talk and it would be interesting to have some native speakers in the conversation to correct our mistakes. Also the conversaton sessions would happen only at weekends because i am really busy during the week. If you are learning portuguese i can help you and we can have a conversation in portuguese as well. So if you are a native german speaker or english native speaker, speak one of these languages fluently or if are learning them as well, and if you interested tell me your skype name and i will add you.

* Originally posted by hugo1144.

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