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Add online resources that apply to a wide range of languages here: (Some reader suggestions:) General Online resources: Free Translation Service --> Lists translations volunteers for many languages. The main site also Basic Phrases --> Basic phrases in 50 languages!

* Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.

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  • Omniglot - information and resources on (probably) every known language to ever exist.

    * Originally posted by ntapsak.
  • I recently came across a very interesting resource that may be useful for many of the people on this site. It's called Lexicarry and they have a web site (dotcom) with examples and word lists in French, Spanish, Italian, German, Brazilian Portuguese, Japanese, Chinese (Mandarin?), Hungarian, Turkish, and Wolof. These are meant to accompany a book of drawings with emphasis on Functions, Sequences, Related Actions, Operations, Topics & Places, Proverbs & Sayings. The website has examples of each of these categories so you can get an idea of what the book contains. The book has colored pictures to illustrate the ideas and these appear to be on perforated pages so you can tear out and scan the images to make anki cards if you want. There are also guides to suggest how to use them. Most of this is for class room use, but it could easily be adapted to italki.
    They don't use IPA so you will have to use forvo to get better pronunciation tips.
    I think the Chinese has pinyin and I am not sure what the Japanese is. Perhaps some knowledgeable people could comment?

    * Originally posted by James.
  • What is the best Audio editing software (free) that I can cut and paste snippets of audio and paste them onto Anki cards?

    * Originally posted by kewanee.
  • Audacity -- the open source freeware audio editor?

    it's a classic ...

    * Originally posted by johnwolfe3rd.
  • Sounds of Speech
    is a project of the University of Iowa that shows step by step mouth and tongue movements to pronounce phonemes in English, Spanish, and German.

    The site is being remodeled, you must click in the "Free Web Apps" top link to see the meat of the content. They also have an mobile app, but it just has the English content.

    * Originally posted by neves.
  • ok,thanks so much for this nice link.

    * Originally posted by nathalie622.
  • Gabe, I found your pronunciation videos really helpful. I am using Anki to learn Spanish, and I'd like to make pronunciation cards that contain pictures of the headshot with tongue placement and lip movement for each sound. I haven't been able to find anything online. Do you know of any online resources I could use?



    * Originally posted by kunkesl.
  • @kunkesl: Hi Sherri! Unfortunately I haven't found many good resources online. I draw those diagrams myself for my videos since I can't find a central database that has all the ones I need. You CAN find stuff if you google a given phoneme by its full name (/r/ = alveolar trill ), but it's not entirely reliable as to whether you'll find good pics or not. You can totally take screenshots of the ones I used in the videos though.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks Gabriel! I will take screen shots.

    * Originally posted by kunkesl.
  • has short stories/legends I heaps of languages with simple animations with the words and English translations (sentence by sentence) underneath. If you download the flash app, you can turn each of the written languages on or off at any time. It's a great source of phrases and words to put into flash cards and a great way to use this method with kids.

    * Originally posted by Tascgull.
  • It occurred to me that finding online children's stories, might be helpful and fun.

    For those of us learning Italian, a taste of what might be done can be found at where there are three sample stories. These are presented with optional English translations and audio readings by native speakers.

    Such stories might be a source for making Anki cards.

    Does anyone know of a more extensive collection of children's stories presented in this way?

    * Originally posted by mfseeker.
  • Hey! I also found The French Experiment here:
    What a lovely resource.
    As of now, there are also Spanish and German Experiment sites.

    * Originally posted by larissa.j.deck.

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