So I've been reading Gabriel's book, and at the back there is a list of recommended books for some languages. For French it lists Schaum's Outline of French Grammar but on the website here at the language resources another book is listed, namely this one Grammaire Progressive Du Francais. Which one is more recommended and why? At the moment I have a copy of the Schaum's book, but I would just like to know what the opinions are.

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  • The Schaum's is mostly in English, but the recommended books are totally in French, so you'll have trouble understanding the text until you are at least at the intermediate level.
    Not to confuse you, but if you are not that familiar with grammatical concepts, Side-By-Side French and English Grammar, 3rd Edition is an excellent place to start. It has the English on one page and the French on the opposite page, so you can compare the terms and concepts. It is also mercifully brief, has example sentences but no nasty drills.
    The series also covers other languages (Spanish, Italian, Mandarin at least)

    * Originally posted by James.
  • I used the basic Grammaire Progressive Du Français when I first started and I found it easy to understand without needing translations. Admittedly I had taken French at school when I was younger but I don't think a beginner should be put off by them just because they are all in French!

    Whilst you decide, can I recommend this website as an introduction?

    * Originally posted by GeraintB.
  • For a quick reminder of what all these grammar words actually mean, something that's often taken for granted, I really recommend: English grammar for students of French by Jacqueline Morton.

    Terms such as demonstrative adjective defined, as well as handy comparison between the English and French systems.

    * Originally posted by AndyN.
  • EDIT: I've been going back through French with Michel Thomas and noting new words, new forms etc as they're introduced. Keeping a special eye out for adverbs, prepositions and pronouns etc.

    I'm halfway through the first 8 discs so far, and these notes are forming the base of my new French Grammar deck.

    * Originally posted by AndyN.
  • As a follow up on GeraintB's comment: "Grammaire progressive du Français" is available for 4 levels:

    • Grammaire progressive du Français: Niveau débutant (2nd ed, 2010, ISBN 978-2090381146)

    • Grammaire progressive du Français: Niveau intermédiaire (3rd ed, 2013: ISBN 978-2090381245)

    • Grammaire progressive du Français: Avancé (2nd ed, 2012, ISBN 978-2090381184)

    • Grammaire progressive du Français: Perfectionnement (2012, ISBN 978-2090353594)

    There are separate books with the solutions to the exercises.

    * Originally posted by Christophe.

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