Pronounce It Perfectly In Spanish by Jean Yates

Hi, I've been trying to purchase the recommended title 'Pronounce It Perfectly in Spanish' with CD's by Jean Yates and published by Barrons and have learnt that it is out of print. I have contacted the publisher who cannot help and even tried to contact the author with no luck. Does anyone have a copy with CD's they would be willing to sell or perhaps a set of MP3's and a pdf they would be willing to share? Thanks Chris

* Originally posted by Chris.

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  • Dear Chris,

    I recently managed to find a bookseller in Canada that still had a copy, so naturally I bought it [at your urging]. After I was gifted with my coworker's old laptop and purchased an external optical/CD-ROM this past week, I successfully ripped the audio. I am in the process of cleaning up the "Details" of each file before uploading them to my Google Drive where you can access them:

    Regrettably, I have yet to locate a PDF of the book which I would much rather use than going through the hassle of trying to scan the hard copy.

  • Tokuhisawinston2


    May thanks for the audio files of Pronounce it perfectly in Spanish.  I find it very helpful.  Please advise if you have disk 2.

    all the best,




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