Using the pronunciation trainer,I'm frustrated on learning the spelling because I don't know how to say the letters, especially the ones that aren't like english letters--the umlauts, the "SS", etc. I found a you tube video that's pretty good: by ThisAndThat4All, her video #1--alphabet. I also found an Anki deck called: Kindergarten ABC (Deutsch). This is a 70 card Anki deck some guy made for his daughter, that teaches the names of the letters. I've only used it for one day, but I think it's going to work with further work.

* Originally posted by lark.

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  • Hi!

    Please see the below German pronunciation videos Gabriel did:

    Video 1 Video 2 Video 3

    -Rachel (assistant)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • You know, I'm beginning to think I can't speak English. These are great videos; I've been using them.

    BUT, in the pronunciation trainers, I am asked how to spell a certain word. It doesn't seem appropriate to me to "spell" the words with English letters. Especially since we're not supposed to be translating. AND ESPECIALLY, especially: for letters that don't exist in English--the Umlauts, the "est-zet," etc.

    I'd like to spell the words using the names of the letters as they would be said by a German speaker.

    It'd be really great if there were a song like the "ABC song" we used to learn the English alphabet.

    Any suggestions?

    How do other people say the spelling for "Windmuhle"? (Don't know how to make that umlaut.)

    * Originally posted by lark.
  • The alphabet song in German is available on youtube. Examples are:

    neither of these have pronunciations for the umlauts, which aren't considered part of the alphabet.
    But the umlauts do have a distinctive pronunciation (along with ß ).
    Recordings of these along with the standard alphabet pronunciations is available at

    * Originally posted by James.
  • the site killed my two references for youtube videos of the alphabet. I found another one however. If you go to youtube, and watch?v=zxQXEyMMC0E you might get it, or just search on Das deutsche Alphabet-Lied and you'll get a lot of hits

    * Originally posted by James.

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