I have come across a verb conjugation software on the internet. It's name is the Verbarrator. It advertises that it contains over 500 Spanish verbs, with all their tenses. It seems to be a flash card program however not like Anki. It is timed with a timer delay that times the verbs present by on seconds apart. The goal, it seems, is to help you practice switching conjugations within a verb and then between verbs or a group verbs throughout the different tenses you would like to practice. I wonder if anyone has seen it, or has it or could comment on it their experience. I know there are some conjugation website that you can type in the conjugations and time your input at conjugating verbs, however, I am not that fluent at typing. This software seems interesting. Any comments on "the Verbarrator. Here is the link to their site. http://www.verbarrator.com thanks.. Mike

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  • I have used Verbarrator off and on since it came out.  I like the program.  It has a number of ways to set it up, but you can choose verb tenses, regular or irregular verbs, all sorts of things.  You can use or not the vosotros.  Then to use, the program might tell you a short sentence in English and you get to translate it to Spanish.  You can set length of time for your translation.  Then you can see the correct answer.  I think you have to know the concept of conjugations and the basics.  But you will learn new vocabulary and vastly increase the speed of conjugating verbs.  I'd buy it again.


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