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I got stuck with recources for my Japanese ANKI cards and would appreciate any help I can get. 1. Gabriel seems to prefer Forvo to get the pronounciation of Japanese words. But how can we get the pronunciation in to our own ANKI cards? It seems that Forvo allows you to listen but not to save the WAV file. 2. Gabe's Japanese Radical deck has great stroke order diagrams. Where can we find those for other Japanese Kanjis and how can we copy them in to our ANKI cards? Many thanks Ruediger

* Originally posted by rbo14.

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  • you have to be logged into Forvo in order to download the files. The registration is free. You can't download, just listen if you are not logged in.
    google "stroke order kanji" and you'll get lots of apps and advice.

    * Originally posted by James.
  • Thank you, James.

    It appears that Forvo currently does not accept registrations. I hope that this is just a weekend glitch.
    Of course I googled for stroke diagrams before I posted my question. But I did not find anything
    suitable. I tried it now again and the result was still not too impressive. But I found one side
    which may be of general interest:
    Rather than just offering diagrams, they also have a simple animation.

    Again many thanks

    * Originally posted by rbo14.
  • I've got a anki addon called kanji colorizer which automatically adds in the stroke order using coloured lines. I can give you a link to it once I remember where I got it from,

    * Originally posted by timmyturner93.
  • I'm using the Kanji colorizer too. Will be posting a blog post on it, hopefully in the next couple of weeks. You install via Tools -> Add-ons -> Browse & Install but you have to mess with the card models and the code to make it work properly, which is a bit of a pain (works great once you do that, though!)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • If you have difficulties with the add-on, you can also obtain the colored diagrams
    This allows you to copy and paste the diagram into your Anki card.

    I suppose everybody has to find the form of diagram that suits her best. I found the
    colored diagrams useful if the Kanji does not have too many components. But it gets
    confusing with complex Kanjis.
    What worked best for me are the diagrams which Gabriel used on his cards. They sequentially
    how the kanji develops, but has red marks at the starting point of each line, so that I can
    see the direction of the line.

    Gabriel, do you have a reference for these diagrams or did you produce them specifically for your cards?

    * Originally posted by rbo14.

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