hinative.com: lang-8's sister site

I find myself using lang-8's sister site hinative more than lang-8, I'm surprised it has not been mentioned here. lang-8 is more geared to longer journal entries, hinative is good for corrections of a sentence or two and has these questions built into the system:
  • How do you say this? How do you say this in ~~?~~
  • Does this sound natural?
  • Please show me sentences with ~~. Please show me example sentences with ~~?
  • Tell me as many common expressions as possible.
  • What does this mean? What does ~~ mean?
  • What's the difference? What’s the difference between A and B? Feel free to just provide example sentences.
  • Ask something else
You can use create a hinative.com account using a lang-8 login.

* Originally posted by daddylangl.

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  • I should mention there is one feature hinative has which I can't use because it is iPhone only (no web or Android). You can use "Does this sound natural?" literally by recording your voice. Android or web users such as myself would have to link to a recording on vocaroo instead of using the iOS app feature.

    * Originally posted by daddylangl.
  • I just signed up, thanks for sharing.

    * Originally posted by Arwuh.
  • Didn't realize it, but you can kind of use italki this way, although the questions are freeform there. It may have more speakers of less popular languages (Urdu) since it has been around longer.

    * Originally posted by daddylangl.
  • Neat! If more folks have experiences with hlnative, please do post them here! I'd love to get a sense for how folks are using that site and if it's been helpful to them.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Sounds awesome! Thank you for posting!

    * Originally posted by Leo_FF.

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