Lang-8 No Longer Accepting New Users?

After reading Fluent Forever, I was really excited by the prospect of joining a free community where native speakers would correct writings. I tried to register for a new account at and was given this error message: "We are stopping new registrations. Please check our new service HiNative.". While HiNative seems like a good app for quick corrections on a few sentences, I was hoping for a site where native speakers would correct some longer compositions. Has anyone else experienced issues registering for lang-8? Are there other free communities/websites where I could I could register for an account instead?

* Originally posted by haeusgs.

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  • Same here, waiting for a solution to this. But I guess HiNative is the only feasible option now.

    * Originally posted by nmv1911.
  • I really wanted to sign up for lang-8 as well. So far, the best option that I've found is iTalki. You can write up to 2 journal entries a day for free and get corrections.

    * Originally posted by jhase511.
  • The HelloTalk app has a nice interface for making corrections in any language.

    * Originally posted by kevtch.
  • I hope it gets expanded to include all of you who can no longer sign up for it.

    * Originally posted by Sarang.

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