Something occurred to me a long time ago when I first started looking into learning a language and thinking of ways to have things stick. I realized, every culture on the planet has a song to teach their kids the alphabet. So now that I'm taking up Russian, and that alphabet is beyond unique because of it's different script. I wonder if in addition to the pronunciation trainer it would be wise to find and listen to, via Youtube, the Russian alphabet song. The problem is, being that I'm not Russian, I have no idea what's the "official" alphabet song, so before I try and memorize one I want to make sure it's the right one. I know it's not necessary to learn Russian to know the alphabet song, but I do think knowing it is one of those little cultural touches that is endearing to native speakers... something they might say, wow, he took the time to learn our alphabet song like a child. :) Anyway, I was wondering if we could compile a list of alphabet songs from every language that's to be found on Youtube and post the links. Now, this will lead to questions like, is the alphabet song the same for people from Paris as it is in Quebec? Or Spanish for the multitude of nations that speak that is it the same as well? Thoughts?

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  • I think that's an awesome idea. Let me chat about it with the other folks on the FF team and figure out a way to get this in front of lots of people in an organized way :)

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Has there been any movement on this? I learned the French alphabet in about half an hour using a song that I'm pretty sure isn't the official one (it was based on the US military marching song) but it worked like magic!

    * Originally posted by larissa.j.deck.
  • There are loads of these on YouTube 


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