I am about ready to purchase a French Grammar Book and wondering which one to get? It sounds to me like Gabriel's favourite recommendation might be Grammaire Progressive Du Francais with answer book rather than Mary Crocker’s: Schaum’s Outline of French Grammar recommended in the FF book? Any thoughts or recommendations? Neither are available in my library to look at. Kind regards Amy

* Originally posted by Amy.

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  • Hi Amy

    Bumping this message in the hope someone may have feedback. I'm in a similar position

    Reading Gabriels great list of reccomendations for French, I've ordered the CLE International Phonetique book with CD he so highly recommends.

    What's a bit confusing is, I'm not sure if the Phonetique text  is intended to supplement the Anki trainer or is superflous when using the Anki trainer.   The books are not cheap.  Gabe has given a long list of resources but I see, for example  having the Awesome Word List means certain vocab books are not neccesary.

    I am also unsure if the French Phonetique book & CD needs the 'Answer' book as welL It is sold separately.

    So, as for the grammar book -    Gabe in this case mention buying the answer book also.

    But for us starting out with French using the Fluent Forever method (as opposed to an immersion school as Gabe)

    Should one buy the beginners,  or the intermediate?  Anyone have experience with these books, or travelling this route?

    (With all the (deserved) hype about the app I'm just not into playing around with stuff on a phone, am sure I'm not the only one adverse to studying on the  things,  with their little screens, so I'll continue with the old fashioned method with Anki trainers and flashcards on a computer with appropriate resources. I guess the app is intended to supercede additional resources.


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