Hello, I'm considering backing this project on IndieGogo because I'm currently studying Chinese (Mandarin). However, I already have a pretty good vocabulary basis (and I'm lucky enough to not struggle with the pronunciation). That's why I was wondering if you were considering a sort of "placement test" ? So that I could directly jump to the step 3 you explained on your project description. Thanks a lot for your input ! Mathieu

* Originally posted by blork.

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  • Hi Mathieu,

    Thanks for reaching out! If you’re an intermediate or advanced speaker, and you already know pronunciation and the 625-word list, you can jump straight into this custom frequency list. You’ll swipe to teach the app what words you already know, and it will rapidly hone in on your language-learning needs.

    If you have any further questions, please don't hesitate to ask!

    Best wishes,
    Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Hillary Jackson.

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