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I have followed Gabe's advice for finding sources for Italian sentences for flashcards. He advises that we look for them in grammar books. I just came across what looks to be a great source. Here is one page from the site: The Italian Experiment groups their teaching in the typical topic centered way--not the best way to learn, as Gabe suggests. However, it does make it easy to collect a sampling of different sentences from which to make card sets. If you are interested in refining your pronunciation, there is usually a right-facing arrow at the start of each sentence. Right click it and "Save the link as". Now you have the audio for the sentence. It is slow, making it artificially easy to understand each word. If you want a more realistic rendition, many audio players allow speeding up the reading without distorting it. If you want to learn even more about Italian speech rhythms and inflections, you may want to look further to find recordings that were originally made at normal conversational speeds. Let me know if you are aware of such sources. Thanks.

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