IPA for Italian pronunciation?

Maybe I haven’t gotten far enough into the pronunciation training decks (only been at them for a week) but I loved having the pictures of where your tongue should be coupled with the IPA symbol and even sometimes compared/contrasted with English pronunciation in the start-here videos. Do those show up later in the decks? Is it asking me to just train my ear first and my mouth later on in a few days or something? Thanks! -Jaye

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  • Hi Jaye,

    The pictures of where you tongue should be only show up in the start-here videos. Those pictures don't show up again in the Pronunciation Trainer Anki deck because your ears are trained via the minimal pair cards. Your mouth is trained with the cards that ask you to pronounce a word, and then you can compare your pronunciation with that of the audio of the native speaker.

    All the cards in the Pronunciation Trainer Anki deck include the IPA to help you, as well as an audio of each word spoken by a native speaker so you can mimic them.
    Also, the Pronunciation Trainer Anki deck includes minimal pair cards which ask you to compare/contrast between the different sounds so that you can target those certain sounds of the language.

    Best wishes,
    Aleks (And Matthew, who helped me explain this better)

    * Originally posted by Aleks Lemezovic.
  • Is there anyone who has made an "IPA" deck of spelling (visual symbol system) & minimal pairs (auditory) of the IPA as if the IPA itself was your target language?

    * Originally posted by jayebirdblue.
  • Resolution: No, they haven't made that deck. I'll just watch the videos a bunch more time. Mastering the Italian "gli" is a skill that still eludes me -- and brings great amusement to my native-speaking friends when I try to enunciate the difference between "filo" and "figlio" :)

    * Originally posted by jayebirdblue.

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