Bought the book, pronunciation trainer, and word list... now what?

Hi Gabriel. I LOVE the book and the site - it is all extremely well done and super informative. I am trying to use your methodology to learn Spanish AND Mexican Sign Language simultaneously. As the title of this thread suggests, I have the Fluent Forever book, and also purchased the Pronunciation Trainer (Spanish L.A.) and Super Awesome Word List. I've been reading the book - but I am finging myself wondering how to proceed? I have a pretty solid grasp on the sounds and pronunciation in Spanish - but I want to keep those cards in my Anki deck for practice and training anyway. So I assume I should start making vocabulary flash cards. My idea is that each flashcard will have a picture of the word/concept in Mexican Sign Language along with the audio file from So I started playing around with adding vocabulary flashcards yesterday using your instructions and it works great. My questions: A) At what point should I start trying to learn grammar? I am reading chapter 4 of your book and it felt like the idea was to start working with the pronunciation trainer and the word list deck before I continue to chapter 5... is that so? Or...? B) How do you recommend I incorporate the Super Awesome Word List into my vocabulary study? The instructions that came with it said that I would still learn words individually - but that isn't super clear. I understand that I should create individual vocabulary cards for each word in the "story" - but how do I incorporate the "story"/word list into the Anki deck? I understand these questions may have been asked in the forum at some point before - but there were just way too many posts in the search results for me to find the answers to these questions. So any help or direction would be greatly appreciated. Or perhaps the answer is somewhere in the Fluent Forever book - if that's the case, please explain to me how we are to proceed through the book while also applying the practices described therein. Thanks!

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