Audio won't sync for iPhone/iPad

I have created the word list on my PC using Anki, added pictures and sound files from forvo for all cards, yet when I sync them, the audio files do not play on ANY device including my PC. I have all the images and mp3 files saved in the same folder that I keep on my desktop, is this causing the issue??? the card works fine apart from the audio! please help as I am desperate to get started on this!! :-(

* Originally posted by Rasputin.

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  • This is how my individual card looks, as you can see it has the audio file in the correct field, yet on neither my desktop or ipad/iphone does the sound play! It is driving me mad as I cannot see why it is not working!

    My individual card on the Pronunciation part of the card (I used model deck) looks like this for example [sound:pray.mp3]

    And when i click on 'Cards...' button, the field where i want the recording looks like this


    If i paste a specific sound extension into this field, it plays! but then that word will be the word for all 625 of them! I am so fed up of this and do not know what I am doing wrong, please somebody help me!

    * Originally posted by Rasputin.
  • The fields you are showing are from the templates used for all cards. I made cards for French from the model deck and they work on my desktop and iPad. I can't see your actual card but will give you an example of one of mine. Here is what is in each field:


    (image of a chair)

    Gender, Personal Connection, Extra Info (Back side):
    une chaise

    Pronunciation (Recording and/or IPA):

    Test Spelling? (y = yes, blank = no):
    (left blank)

    Does this help? If not maybe we can communicate by email. I don't know a lot but my cards do work.

    * Originally posted by Andrea.
  • Thanks for the reply Andrea. My cards look the same but are not playing the sounds at all. Maybe if i send you a screenshot of them by email you can see if anything is different. My email is I would really appreciate your help :-) thanks.

    * Originally posted by Rasputin.
  • Hi Rasputin, send a screenshot to and we can help you as well

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • This has been resolved. The card entries looked fine but something had happened to the template and the sound files were not being read. Restoring the template to its original contents fixed the problem.

    * Originally posted by Andrea.
  • I have the same problem, Images and mp3 audios doesn't show up on my android phone but i can't solve it as you said up before, please HELP!

  • how can I restore the templates? I don't get it



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