I am working and living in Thailand and I have a one on one tutor that I just started with. It's great, I let her create cards for me during our session and then she exports them and I practice them all week. I was wondering if anyone can help me get the base cards template for thai created. I have the spanish language trainer and when I create a note type of "spanish spelling and.. etc" there are a ton of fields and everything is laid out nicely. But if I choose the one from the model deck there is none of that there. Any help would be great. thanks

* Originally posted by Jerrad.

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  • Hey, Jerrad. I contributed to Anki and I'd love to have a thai pronunciation trainer! Is there any way you would be willing to share the cards you've already made?

    * Originally posted by hungrybrain.
  • Is there a chance you guys have finished this Thai Pronunciation trainer by now and are willing to share??? Figured I'd ask here before I made my own, thank youuuu!


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