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I have just started creating my 625 word deck in Anki for French. I am using the list in thematic order. After noticing that the daily limit for new cards was 30, I thought as long as I create at least that many new cards each day, then I can study as I build. I'm rather pressed for time so the idea of creating cards for the 625 words before beginning to study was rather daunting. When I started studying, I was not seeing words in the thematic order I had expected. In my first session I got embrasser (to kiss), printemps (spring), and jeune (young). These are all from different themes. My question is, am I doing anything wrong by not building the full deck before studying? I totally buy-in to the importance of learning by theme and don't want to do anything to mess that up. Also, I am always paranoid I am doing something inefficiently, so sorry if this is a silly question. Thanks in advance for any help!

* Originally posted by wf.erwin.

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  • Maybe your Anki is set to randomize the order of new cards?

    If you go to the main Anki window where you can see all your decks, there's a gearbox to the right of each deck. Click that and select "Options" from the pulldown screen. The first options menu you see should be "New Cards". The second item down is called "Order". Make sure it's set to "Show new cards in order added".

    You can see the order your new cards will be shown in. Just click "Browse" at the top of the window. On the lefthand side of the window, the fifth item down is "New". Click that and you'll see all your new cards. The "Due" column in the middle shows you the order that you'll see them in. Maybe check that out after you make new cards just to make sure everything is the way you want it.

    * Originally posted by taomustbeturtle.
  • This was exactly my problem. Thank you so much.

    * Originally posted by wf.erwin.
  • I wish I had know that earlier, I have gone through hundreds of words already and couldn't understand why nothing was appearing in the theme. Better late than never I guess so thanks for the advice.

    * Originally posted by Susie.
  • I had the same problem and changed the settings to “Show new cards in order added”.

    Unfortunately, I just added my first two themes and Anki is still mixing them. I'm going from 'stars' to 'Friday'. What is going wrong...?

    * Originally posted by Charlotte.

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