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Has anyone else been stupid enough to do what I've done recently? Namely, make up a number of cards, only to find that I've done all this work while another deck was active – and hence I've ended up sticking them in this other deck!! (There's plenty of work involved for each note – for Mandarin in my case: character, image, stroke order diagram, pinyin pronunciation, MP3, mnemonics for characters and pronunciation, usage examples etc.) I wondered where they'd gone to, until I spotted New Cards in a deck that I was not modifying at all! So the question is: can I move them easily across to the appropriate deck, rather than have to copy-paste every single item? I've checked in this Forum, and nobody else seems to have been similarly clumsy. Haven't yet gone to the AnkiWeb forums, as I'm hoping someone in F-F can get me out of this jam.

* Originally posted by Lance.

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  • Yep, did the same myself this morning.

    There is a button at the top of the browser called Change Deck. Just select the cards you want to move and click it. The resultant display is a little confusing because one might intuitively expect the cards to disappear from the list. They don't but the Deck column changes and they have been moved.

    * Originally posted by Ian.
  • Thanks so much for that, Ian. It worked a treat. Makes one appreciate how powerful and flexible Anki is, and how well it has been put together.

    * Originally posted by Lance.
  • Hi Lance,thanks, I tried the above procedure but any new cards in or moved to the 'My German Deck, Everything Else' folder do still not show up when I look at the number of new cards on my review page ready for studying. So, frustrating!

    * Originally posted by MarineMan.
  • Yes, thanks Ian.
    I am new to Anki, using it with Textfugu to learn Japanese, and have just spent a couple of days being very confused and frustrated.
    I followed you advice and have successfully moved cards from one deck to another. I did what you said, I selected a deck and then opened it by using 'browse' then selected the cards that I wanted to move and then 'hit' the 'change deck' icon and selected the deck where I wanted my cards to go.

    * Originally posted by ardencollege.

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