I keep getting this message at work when I try to use Anki at lunch time: "The connection to AnkiWeb timed out. Please check your network connection and try again" Has anyone got any ideas?

* Originally posted by DonPolo.

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  • Hello DonPolo,
    let me see if I understand correctly. You are experiencing this problem only at a certain time of the day, but the rest of the time Anki works fine?

    If that is the case, my best guess would be that for some reason your internet connection tends to drop during lunch time and Anki cannot connect and sync to the AnkiWeb.net server.

    In that case, it's not an issue with Anki, it's just a matter of finding a better internet connection. At least, that would be my first guess.

    Hope this message helps! Best,

    * Originally posted by Leo_FF.
  • Sorry Leo,

    I think I have confused everyone. I meant at lunch time because that is when I am at work and trying to access the site in my spare time.

    The system at work has blockers that will stop people accessing music/video download sites, betting sites etc. But when I have inadvertently tried to access a site the system doesn't like (seriously by mistake), a message comes up with an official company logo saying that such sites cannot be accessed. With Anki, I get no such message, only the one above.

    I don't believe the connection is dropping out.

    I have spoken to our IT people to 'unblock' Anki but that they tried and didn't know what the problem was.

    * Originally posted by DonPolo.
  • Sounds like you may need to go through a trouble shooting checking list. Check every step of the connection. Ask yourself ' Whats different about the setup from usual? am I using a different browser / OS / network connection ' etc

    Work internet, a bit like public access points like libraries, are stricter using all manner of DNS filtering, proxys and firewalls etc. It may not be the simple fact of 'unblocking' but that the firewall doesn't like Anki uploading & downloading
    Or perhaps the Anki server can't talk to your computer through the firewall and times out with that message as there is no response
    Maybe you need to use an alternate connection or for example android mobile that doesn't rely on internet

    * Originally posted by Meher Baba.
  • Meher, thank you for taking the time to give me some ideas. I don't think I will spend too much more time trying to get the firewall issues sorted. If the IT guys on the help desk can't help (which they say they can't) then I may be flogging a dead horse. If I need to, I might just connect through my phone and be done with it!

    Once again thank you very much for providing me with assistance! :-)

    * Originally posted by DonPolo.
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