Transferring 625 mp3 audio files to Anki

Hi. I Couldn't find the search button so pardon me My setup: desktop, windows 10, firefox. I downloaded the Russian trainer and am currently doing the 625 word list, but as far as the audio I'm using Forvo instead of the pre-recorded MP3 list b/c I can't figure out how to transfer them over. I've tried googling it with no luck. I'd prefer to use Gabe's mp3 list.. any ideas? Russian is so tricky!

* Originally posted by Dustin.

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  • @Dustin: The 625 list should come with a folder with a bunch of mp3 files in it, named using russian romanization (so пятница should be something like pjatnitza.mp3) - You should be able to just drag the mp3 files over into Anki, as you would with Forvo files.

    * Originally posted by Gabriel Wyner.
  • Thanks for the response. That's what I've tried to do. Ever time I try to drag the file over, it turn into a circle w/ the line through it (like the non smoking sign). My default music player is 'Groove' using Windows 10. I've also tried Media Player thinking I can drag it over from there

    So for example my File explorer toolbar looks like this --

    This PC > Downloads > > Russian Word list > 625 audio files

    -- I get all the audio files and can play them fine.. Ex. armija.mp3 (MP3 File) (23 KB)..
    I try to drag MP3 files over using My Anki Version 2.0.33 but get the cross out line.

    The wordlist (northern/southern) word list went over great and am half way through that.

    Any other ideas? I know I'm not the most techy person, but I'd really prefer to use your list (better quality and I being paid for)


    * Originally posted by Dustin.
  • Have you tried right-clicking on the mp3, select "copy", then go back to Anki, right-click inside the field and select "paste"?

    I am curious if that would work.

    * Originally posted by Leo_FF.
  • Hi Dustin,

    I had the same problem. Then I realized I needed the unzip the downloaded folder and extract it. I just followed prompts and extracted to the default folder. Once this is done it will copy and paste, no issue.

    Hope this works for you.


    * Originally posted by HWO144.
  • I am working through the Pronunciation Trainer for English to European Portuguese. In due course, I will start the 625 word list. If I order the English to Brazilian Portuguese Word List, can I edit the cards to use the appropriate European Portuguese word and appropriate mp3 file for that word?

    OR, should I just start from scratch making the word list "cards" while learning as I go along?


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