Going on holiday and want to pause the Anki decks till I come back in 14 days. Does anyone know how to do that? Chris

* Originally posted by chris3.

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  • Hey Chris,
    Here's how you can "pause" all your Anki cards. In Anki, they use the word "suspend", but it does what you are looking for:

    1. Open the Card Browser b

    2. From the sidebar on the left, click the Deck's name. This will show you all cards from that deck.

    3. Select all these cards. Ctrl A or use the mouse.

    4. Double check everything

    5. Click Suspend in the toolbar above. The suspended cards will turn yellow.

    6. To unsuspend ("unpause") a card, just click on a yellow suspended card in the Card Browser, and click Suspend in the toolbar above. It will lose its yellow color, and will resume as normal.

    Let me know if you have any other questions.
    Enjoy your holiday!

    The Fluent Forever Team

    * Originally posted by Matthew Alberto.
  • Thanks so much Matthew! Really appreciate it!


    * Originally posted by chris3.
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  • It's not working after unsuspending a deck ankie counts the time of each word according its order, so if you left repetition for 5 days after unsuspending ankie would show all 5 day-words.


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