IPA for Italian Pronunciation deck?

Maybe I haven't gotten far enough into the pronunciation training decks (only been at them for 2 days!) but I loved having the pictures of where your tongue should be coupled with the IPA and even sometimes compared/contrasted with English pronunciation in the start-here videos. Do those show up later in the decks? Is it asking me to just train my ear first and my mouth later on in a few days or something? Thanks! -Jaye

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  • Tried to post a reply earlier, seems the forum ate my post. I'm in the same spot with the Russian deck. Seems the images aren't currently available, but hopefully if enough people ask, the images can be added or made available. Worst case scenario you can screenshot the videos and make the images yourself.

    * Originally posted by stoodler.
  • That's what I was thinking of doing but someone MUST have already made a deck to learn the relevant IPA symbols for your target language already.

    It's almost like learning a very small simple language in itself that happens to be related to the real language you're learning.

    * Originally posted by jayebirdblue.

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